The BAD4M and BDA4M Daughter Cards:


The BAD4M and BDA4M, mastering grade, 4-channel ADC and DAC Daughter Cards for the B80 and B16 MOTHERSHIP with switchable transformers and stepped attenuators are specifically designed for mixing and mastering. The BAD4M and BDA4M use the latest BURL NextGen Analog Technology for superior clarity and fidelity. The BAD4M and BDA4M are the result of over 25 years of R&D experience in pro audio digital and analog design.

Following on the success of the B2 BOMBER ADC and the BAD8 Daughter Card for the MOTHERSHIP, the BAD4M utilizes BURL Audio’s NextGen Analog Technology with the same BX1 transformer coupled circuit path as the BAD8 (no op-amps) and a transformerless analog front end using the BOPA14 op-amp. The BAD4M allows you to switch between the BAD8 style analog front end and the newly developed transformerless analog front end with the press of a button. The transformerless mode is perfect for situations where you want a pure capture of a mix or mastering chain where the signal is already warm and peak limited. In this mode, the BOPA14 delivers a truly clear and faithful capture of the source material.

The BDA4M follows on the success of the B2 BOMBER DAC and the BDA8 Daughter Card for the MOTHERSHIP and utilizes the newly developed BOPA11 and/or optional BOPA14 op-amps. The BOPA11 is followed by the renowned BX5 output transformer. The BX5 output transformer is the same large, BURLY beast used in BURL Audio’s popular B32 VANCOUVER MIX BUS. Anyone who has tried B32 for the first time and engages the BX5 usually says “WHOA! That’s amazing!”. Forget about technical jargon, the BX5 transformer simply makes things sound bigger, phatter, deeper…better.

For years, engineers have taken their fully digital projects and ran them through a 2-track analog tape machine to make them sound “less digital”. The BDA4M with the BX5 output transformer routed to a BAD4M with the BX1 input transformer do something very similar, but better, in that they have no tape hiss and they have higher dynamic range and more headroom. This combination is ideal for a final mix or mastering chain.

On the digital side, the BAD4M and BDA4M employ a couple of new features; a switchable ADC/DAC filter and AVID delay matching. Switching the ADC and DAC filters allow you to change the tone from the classic BURL sound to a more aggressive tone with a more forward mid-range. The AVID delay matching feature allows you to perfectly match the input and output delay of an AVID HD I/O which is crucial for hardware inserts.

If you already own a B80 MOTHERSHIP or if you are buying a new B16 or B80 MOTHERSHIP, the BAD4M and BDA4M are awesome by themselves or as compliments to the BAD8 and BDA8. Adding even just one BAD4M or BDA4M to your B80 MOTHERSHIP will be a big step up. A B16 with a BAD4M and BDA4M is the ultimate 4 input, 4 output mastering solution. The BAD4M and BDA4M are truly BURLY.

Example Mastering Solutions

This Mothership mastering solution features the B16 MOTHERSHIP with a BAD4M for 4-channels of analog input and a BDA4M for 4-channels of analog output with switchable transformers and adjustable analog attenuation. This solution utilizes the BMB3 Motherboard with Dante Audio-over-Ethernet.