February 27, 2011 Burl Audio is proud to announce that the first project through its much anticipated B80 Mothership was a recent Jimi Hendrix mix done at Hyde Street’s studio A in San Francisco, CA. Spearheaded by The Hendrix Family, John McDermott and Eddie Kramer, a reissue of a famous Hendrix recording (not to be disclosed here) was transferred from original 1″, 8 track tape into 8 channels of Mothership BAD4 AD conversion, and then mixed out through 16 channels of the Mothership’s BDA8.

Complimenting the Mothership was a custom modified, class A discrete Neve 8048. Stay tuned for this Jimi release as it is not only a monumental performance, but also greatly exemplifies the vast “musical” improvement of the B80 Mothership over existing AD/DA designs.

Jimi Hendrix’s music has been a huge influence on the people of Burl Audio, so this is quite an honor.