“Surprising once again was the continued resurgence of the vinyl record. Vinyl saw sales growth for the fifth straight year in 2012, with a 17.7 percent surge complementing 4.6 millions records sold. The numbers mark a new high for the format, according to Nielsen. Interest in the left-for-dead format has been helped along by global Record Store Day celebrations and a dedicated, collection-obsessed fan base. Independent music shops particularity love this trend, as 67 percent of these vinyl purchases came through these stores, according to the study.” -Huffington Post
At Burly Acres we listen to vinyl all day, every day.
Recently, after the release of the B26 ORCA Control Room Monitor and B32 VANCOUVER 32 Channel Mix Bus, we tracked, mixed and mastered a song using the full Burl signal path, then had it cut to vinyl, (using our B2 DAC).
Every single track was recorded through the B1 or B1D, and tracked through the B80 Mothership, mixed using select analog outboard gear, directly into the B32 Mix Bus, back into the Mothership and monitored via the B26 ORCA Control Room Monitor. All Class A. All discreet. All love.
We then sent the stereo track down to Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Mastering (See featured artist below) and Pete cut the track to an acetate using the Burl Audio B2 DAC and his 1978 Scully lathe.
He over-nighted the disc to us and we heard an all BURL production for the first time. All Burl from mic pre to lacquer.
Every once in a while, we get phone calls from new users who have just had their minds blown. They are giddy, speechless. They can’t believe what they are hearing.
Pete gave us one of these calls after first using our B2 DAC to cut vinyl. “I thought it was going to be subtle!”. Pete’s enthusiasm, as well as his dedication to vinyl cutting immediately convinced us he would be our next featured artist.