Vance_AES_2011 Wow. What  a show. We had the best AES ever in New York City, 2011. Special thanks to Blue Wilding with Audio Power Tools, who has been spreading the word for Burl Audio in the East. We were pleasantly surprised by the buzz that was in the air about Burl in NYC. Many people came up to us literally saying we had changed their lives with our products. We also had the honor of meeting Bob Power, who had just heard the B2 Bombers for the first time just days before the show. He came over to tell Rich how good he thought they sounded. “I’m not a color guy” he claimed. “But these sound really good!”. It’s such an honor to hear from people like Bob, who have been involved in so many important recordings that shaped Hip Hop and Neo-Soul in the 90s.  A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, D’angelo and De La Soul (to name just a few of the major artists that Bob has engineered/mixed/produced) all are in rotation on our turntables at Burl headquarters. Here are some photos of the trip: