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Burl Audio Proudly Presents:

Join Burl Audio for 5 special events around the world. Nashville. Hollywood. London. Barcelona. Seattle.

The flight of the Mothership is a chance for professional engineers to experience Burl Audios B80 Mothership, the

new standard of excellence in recording. Hear the difference. Feel the love.

Our first stop is in Nashville on May 19 at the beautiful House of Blues Studios. (See below to RSVP.)

Next, we will be in Studio 2 at East West Studios on June 5.

Following these two dates in the US, Burl Audio will be hosting two very special events in London and Barcelona.

And last but not least, the tour will end in Seattle, July 21. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the Mothership in action. Find out why it has become in demand with top engineers and studios around the world. Hear the difference. Feel the love.