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Dave Cobb Interview

“It’s so fucking… immediate! I have converters that I’ve been really happy with. I love the Radar stuff, and I compared them side by side, and it’s not even close. I’ve done converter shootouts before where you put two things up and iRead more >

Audities Foundation

“We put it up, with the same Logic 9, PT 10 and Nuendo sessions next to our 192, Black Lion/MOTU 424 and 828 I/O devices and it was not even close. Taking a gun to a knife fight, really. Congratulations, I’m a digital curmudgeon that youRead more >

The Nacho Garrido Story

Recently we had a visitor from Spain who wrote in that he was interested in seeing what we do. Here is a letter he sent us recapping his experience: “Hello!My name is Nacho and I’m on holidays here in Santa Cruz, I have my own studio in Read more >

Burl Vinyl Cutting

“Surprising once again was the continued resurgence of the vinyl record. Vinyl saw sales growth for the fifth straight year in 2012, with a 17.7 percent surge complementing 4.6 millions records sold. The numbers mark a new high for the format, Read more >

Peter Lyman Interview

________________ “I love my B2 DAC’s. I have them in both of my rooms. Cutting vinyl lacquers from the B2 is amazing…more focused low end, better stereo field. It seems easier to cut using the B2, and everyone loves the results. One of our Read more >

Eastwest Studios, Hollywood CA

Eastwest Studios in Hollywood CA is ground zero for many records that are on rotation at Burl headquarters. The first stop on the “Mothership Annihilation Tour” in 2011 was a comparison between the Digidesign 192s and the Burl B80 MothersRead more >

Vance Powell Interview

  _________________  Vance Powell – Interview with Rich Williams for Burl Audio 2011: Rich Williams: We love what you guys are doing, you and Jack. We love the Dead Weather, the Raconteurs, and we love all the other side projects youRRead more >

Greg Landau Interview

Greg Landau interview by Will Kahn, 2012 Greg, please give me a brief background of your work., I’ve been a musician and producer since the late 70’s.  I began working in Latin rock bands in San Francisco and toured with the singer from the grouRead more >

The Complete Solution

Burl Audio Presents: A comparison of two systems: Burl B80 Mothership / B32 Vancouver Mix Bus / B26 ORCA Control Room Monitor vs. Digidesign 192i/o / Dangerous 2 Bus LT / Dangerous Monitor at Universal Mastering Los Angeles, 2013 To hear the mixes, dRead more >

Michael Wagener Interview

Interview with Will Kahn for Burl Audio, 2012 You’ve been making large label records for many years now. You were born in Germany, could you talk about how you started in music and recording and how you came to the US? Well when I was about 12 I boRead more >

Paul Leary Interview

PAUL LEARY Interview with Will Kahn for Burl Audio 2012 We found Paul through the band The Expendibles. I saw them at the Vans Warped Tour and was telling them about Burl and that we would like to help them record in Santa Cruz. Once we learned that Read more >

Burl Audio Post AES…

Wow. What  a show. We had the best AES ever in New York City, 2011. Special thanks to Blue Wilding with Audio Power Tools, who has been spreading the word for Burl Audio in the East. We were pleasantly surprised by the buzz that was in the air aboutRead more >

Fabian Marasciullo Interview

Interview by Will Kahn for Burl Audio, 2011 I’ve been listening to some of the stuff you did recently, including Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV”(mixed through the B2 Bomber ADC).  It’s very cool. I definitely enjoy the sounRead more >

B80 Mothership Tape Op Review

B80 Mothership Burl Audio by Marc Alan Goodman Issue 84 Read article at Tape Op There seems to be a new trend developing in audio converter design. Up until recently, engineers considered converters to be part of the digital or computer side of theirRead more >

Tim Hatfield Interview

-Keith Richards, Ace Frehely, Steve Earle, The Misfits, Death Cab for Cutie, Martha Wainwright, Butthole Surfers. Burl Audio Interview with Will Kahn 2011: Please tell me a little about yourself, what you’ve been up to and a brief recording historyRead more >

‪Burl Audio B80 Mothership Lands At AES

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1ls7DbtLsIRead more >

Jimi Hendrix first to fly the Mothership!

February 27, 2011 Burl Audio is proud to announce that the first project through its much anticipated B80 Mothership was a recent Jimi Hendrix mix done at Hyde Street’s studio A in San Francisco, CA. Spearheaded by The Hendrix Family, John McDeRead more >

Ryan Hewitt Interview

Recording / Mix Engineer & Producer Credits: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Grammy Winner), Blink-182, Bob Dylan...Read more >

We had a great year at AES! The Motherhsip was met with excitement and anticipation. Friday night’s party was a total success… Check out what Sonic Scoop had to say about our AES 2010 Party at the Great American: link to original article Read more >